Oktober 06, 2010

#5 My Ambitions in Pictures

I love to set goals for myself. Me without goals is like a flat life. Goals help me to motivate myself, they help me to push myself to the limit. Here are my goals, and please don't think I'm such a dreamer, because I know I can achieve all of these if I work very hard on 

I want to graduate! Who doesn't want to? I want to graduate in 4 years (as for me, 1 year from now because I'm a 7th semester) with minimum 3.50 GPA. Picture myself as Bachelor of Literature, class of 2011. Oh my God, my family would be so proud if I managed to finish my college on time.

Presenting... New York. The city where I want to be. After graduating, I really want to move here and take my Master of Arts. It has always been my dream to stay abroad for like 3 to 4 years for studying, not for working. I'm planning to go to New York about 2 years from now. I'm 21 now, so... I plan to move to New York by the time I'm 23. I've imagined myself living in a small flat in New York suburb area, and I study in... look down! I'm gonna study in...

New York University. What else? For the course, I haven't known yet. Can be Journalism or American Studies.
OH MY GOD. I'm dying to study in that place. NYU is the best place for me. I take American Studies as my college minor.
Well, actually, it was my dad who said "It's been my dream to see my children go abroad for college. Do you want it? I mean, you can take any major you want, you can even continue your major from your current university. But I really want to see my kids being a graduate from an international university, like in New Y ork? There are a lot of Indonesian students living there. And suddenly I felt like being crushed by a 100 mega-watt lightning. Unfortunately, my mom won't let me go. Oh how I really hate her for this refusal. Well maybe I should persuade my daddy hardly. Oh, and one more: this plan is still tentative. I mean, I know my Dad promises me this, but the chance of not going to New York is still there. I hope whatever the result is, it will be the best for me.

Welcome to my dream apartment. WHAT? Yeah yeah this might look a small apartment, but that's exactly what I'm looking for. I'm going to live alone, so I think the best apartment would be a small apartment, because I hate doing house cleaning. I don't need a big, expensive loft, a small yet comfy apartment will do very good for me. Oh, by the way, if you want to see me, my apartment will be in Westchester, a suburb area in New York. They say it's a very comfortable suburb with reasonable living cost.

You'll gonna read my articles in National Geographic Magazine. I want to be their contributor (not full-time employer). NatGeo has been my dream since high school, really.
 To write and publish my first book -but yes, i still don't even know what to write.
Some people say that I ought to write one.
Even my sister says so. But the thing is... my only question is,
"What should i write about? What will the topic be? What will it be about? Should it be a novel or....?"
Since now some of you have known my type of writing, help me? :)
Answer this question by mentioning me on Twitter or answering this question in the comment page below.
 To stay best friend with my sweet bitch, Citra Zebua.

Well, that's all my ambitions. I call them 'ambitions', not 'dreams', because ambitions are something worth fighting for, unlike dreams. You work on your ambitions, not your dreams.


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