Oktober 11, 2010

Fun With YEAH!

Just had a super super fun day with YEAH! Well, we're not actually a clique, we're just 4 people who's comfy enough with each other. These are my friends in college. Darlia , Jenny and Sry (cii). You can say that these people are my 'peer' groups because we always share the same classes and we always spend time together.
Talking about weekend. How did your weekend went? As for me, I went to Berastagi with them. We got a little bit stranded, but thank God we reached it on time.
These are some of the wildly crazy pictures!


Okay, time to wrap up the post. I'll see you next time. Have a great weekend!


Thesa si Cacha mengatakan...

kak ini tempat kita naik kuda dulu kan? Yang sama tante ros kita perginya.

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