Oktober 04, 2010

#4 Dear Siblings

He is Windy Nugraha Siburian, my 1st younger brother. Call him Windy. From now on, he stays in Bandung for studying. He makes me proud to be his big sister. You know, he is a lucky student among others who accepted in Bandung Institute of Technology as Informatics major. Wowww, how proud we are as his relatives, I mean we here are my parents (of course), my second brother, and his two sisters (me+my younger sister). But sad to say that we haven't been talking for sooooo long. He is a family person. As a younger brother, he respects me so much. He is oh-so-nice, hardly talk rude to me and my family. He is so smart that makes him the only person in family to ask whenever we are in difficulties to understand our studies (especially during my high school years). LOL :p. Wish he had blog too, so we could share anything here. Dear you, I miss you.
Quite handsome no? Yes many people agree with those words, me too. He is my 2nd younger brother, his name is Jonathan Pardamean Siburian. He is now officially a teenager in Senior High School as the 3rd class. He stays in his school's dorm (he often does absences while the weekdays, so the headmaster and my mother decided to move him in dorm). See? Everybody who has known this boy well should wonder why his name so weird is. Believe it I also ask the same question. His name really contradicts to his behavior. Well the word 'pardamean' in taken from Batak Language, which means 'peaceful'. But actually that word doesn't reflect his own life. He is an attractive, naughty, and stubborn son in my family. As the youngest brother, he is not really kind. He didn't respect me during our childhood (often bothered, pinched, and fought me back). He has been being an attention-seeking. Most of his childhood years are spent by doing mischief against his friends. So annoying! But now, life changes. He turns into a big boy who acts his family well. Oh how I miss fight with him, LOL.
Sweet, spoiled, cry-baby, and friendly. I think these are the most suitable words for her. She is Theresia Enggraeni Siburian, my only sister. Does she have a similar face with me? I guess NO. My mother and I often mock her with some jokes. We usually state that she's a child adoption from a stranger. Hearing that will make her cry. See? Such a cry-baby. She is now officially a student of Junior High School as the 3rd class. She lives with my mom in Balige (you know my daddy stays in Tebing Tinggi for his work). Oh how I miss seeing her name popped-up in my phone screen. My daddy has confiscated her handphone because of her laziness for studying. People, don't do what she did, Okay. The moment I love the most with her is the time when we were scolded by my daddy. I was accused of omitting my dad's files just because I was in his room at that time. Thesa, her nick name, defended me from that accusation. Suddenly I hug her for a while, hehe. 
Oh how I miss my childhood years with my family. I miss the time when we lived together in a house. I miss the time when we mocked each other. Don't you think that time runs so fast? I wonder when we will meet completely in a moment. For caring and understanding me, I thank you. I really do. Miss you so much.


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kok yang itu dibuat fotoku kak? kan banyak yg imut

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