Oktober 21, 2010

#6 Stranger

Found out some news today about a good friend. A friend who I love and adore and consider a close friend. And yet I find out this exciting, life changing earth shattering news from someone else. How very sad I feel to have not been told personally . We don't see each other often as our life have taken different paths but I truly thought I would be involved when this time came. I very irrationally feel like I've been dumped. I know that nothing has really changed and when we speak I'll feel stupid for being upset. But for now...I am hurt.
It's nice when strangers become friends,
But it sucks when friends become strangers.


Rita mengatakan...

I know the feeling, it really hurts :(
makes you feel like they don't really trust you or like you as much as you thought, doesn't it?


Henry Vancouver mengatakan...

hi there..answer u'r question last time, I used feedjit to monitor my visitors..follow this link..

btw, i can't see u in my blog list followers anyway..?? Or R u followed privately??

stick around..

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