Juli 28, 2010

Bahasa Indonesia atau Bahasa Inggris?

Waktu itu aku baca…di salah satu web (hmmph…aku nih pelupa…kalo ga dicatet, pasti lupa deh apa nama source web-nya)…salah satu cara untuk meningkatkan jumlah pengunjung web kita adalah dengan menggunakan bahasa Inggris sebagai bahasa Blog, jadi orang dari berbagai penjuru dunia bisa baca tulisan kita.
Hmmh….jadi aku mutusin untuk memakai dua bahasa di blog ini…untuk tulisan tertentu aku akan pakai Bahasa Indonesia…nah kadang-kadang…kalau otak bagian grammar (yg ahli otak: jangan protes) aku sedang oke… mungkin akan menggunakan bahasa Inggris.
Jadi nanti kalo aku mem-published tulisan berbahasa Inggris, tolong jangan anggap aku sok keren…karena aku bukan sok…tapi memang keren ..:)

Juli 26, 2010

ME - in love

which is a really good thing, no?
Am i in love?
I don't know if i am in love though...
have you ever liked someone so bad, but you just have not met them yet?

That's how i feel right now. You haven't seen them in real life, but you feel that.. the connection is right.
Is it wrong anyway? If it is, then what am i supposed to do next? I am sure of him. I trust him. I enjoy talking to him, mocking him (in a friendly way, of course, hehe), joking with him.. i simply enjoy wasting my time with him.

He's been there to accompany me day and night.

He's been there to accompany me when i feel effing lonely
He's been there to give me a company when i cannot sleep at night.
He's been there to make me smile again, even in darkest hours.

He's been there to make me feel that... i deserve to be loved again. :)

We basically share the same interests.

Blah, i think i have a crush on you. You asked me why would i like you, and let me ask you back one thing, why not? :)
Don't ask me why because the answer will keep on going, too many reasons why.
Even if i had the chance to choose to like you or not, i'd still choose to like you anyway.
I am not afraid to tell you that i.... love you,
but i am truly, incredibly afraid of what you'll say back :(
I hope you're not gonna get mad cos i'm posting this thing but... i'm just trying to say what i've been feeling. And i hope... you feel the same way too. :/