Juli 26, 2010

ME - in love

which is a really good thing, no?
Am i in love?
I don't know if i am in love though...
have you ever liked someone so bad, but you just have not met them yet?

That's how i feel right now. You haven't seen them in real life, but you feel that.. the connection is right.
Is it wrong anyway? If it is, then what am i supposed to do next? I am sure of him. I trust him. I enjoy talking to him, mocking him (in a friendly way, of course, hehe), joking with him.. i simply enjoy wasting my time with him.

He's been there to accompany me day and night.

He's been there to accompany me when i feel effing lonely
He's been there to give me a company when i cannot sleep at night.
He's been there to make me smile again, even in darkest hours.

He's been there to make me feel that... i deserve to be loved again. :)

We basically share the same interests.

Blah, i think i have a crush on you. You asked me why would i like you, and let me ask you back one thing, why not? :)
Don't ask me why because the answer will keep on going, too many reasons why.
Even if i had the chance to choose to like you or not, i'd still choose to like you anyway.
I am not afraid to tell you that i.... love you,
but i am truly, incredibly afraid of what you'll say back :(
I hope you're not gonna get mad cos i'm posting this thing but... i'm just trying to say what i've been feeling. And i hope... you feel the same way too. :/


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