September 27, 2010

who i really am

I've got people asking, "who the hell is Marisha Eliana ?"
Let me answer that goddamn question now.

The name is Marisha Eliana. It may sound American-German, but I have no American-German blood in me. I am Bataknese born Indonesian. I'm sick of people asking me if I'm a Chinese or I have Chinese blood in me. I aint Chinese and Chinese doesn't run in my blood.
I am turning to twenty two next year, straight, single, and christian. I'm wondering if aliens really exist.
I was born on March 24, 1989, and that makes me an Aries.
I go to Methodist University of Indonesia, and I am now officially a student of English Literature . I find social studies more interesting than science, NOTE THAT!

I am an amateur swimmer, a part time pathetic writer, a full time daughter, and a freelance teacher and dancer.
I am a wordsmith. I am a thinker. And my motto is, if  I want it, I will get it.
I am a day-dreamer. I am always ate. I love my apple cheeks.

I speak Indonesian, English, Batak language, and French. I'd like to learn German and Spanish.
I would really love to visit New York. (amen)

I am interested in books, arts, music, Taylor Swift,  movies & internet.
I scream, I cry, I laugh, I smile. Well, basically I do things normal people do, the difference is, I do it my way.

I love my family very much. You know I will always do.


Thesa si Cacha mengatakan...

My sistaaaaaa! hehe

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