Juni 23, 2010

A Little Bit More Me

Sometimes in life, like everybody else does, I took some times to stop and reflect on life.

As I remember every path that I’ve passed, as I remember those people whose path I’ve crossed; I realized it was only at my stopping time that I understand why did some things happened to me, and why did certain people crossed my life path…some stay for a while some even longer and some stay still with me.

Those happenings in life, taught me many things, some of them I would most likely go through again and some of them I would chose not to go through anymore...because of the pain or hardship of that certain moments.

Those people, have they done me right or wrong, taught me a lot of things, I believe God let them cross my path cause that’s the only best way for me to learn something God wanted me to learn and I believe this applies the same to those whose path I’ve crossed, God wanted them to learn something from me, have I done them right or wrong.

Some of them, crossed my path without realizing or knowing that their being there had helped me to grow to be a better woman and to learn good things; some of them thought that they have done me wrong without giving me any good lesson, well that’s wrong>>> for everything works all together for the goodness of us…always have faith in that.

Most of the times, when people crossed my life I didn’t understand or realize why did theirs passed mine, only after that or at my stopping time that I realize what have they taught me...and for that I haven’t give them thanks.

So…this writing goes to those who’ve passed my path… thank you… wish you all a life full of blessings, courage, and laughter…for you don’t know how much and in what way you’ve blessed me.

For all of the happenings in my life, and all the people whose path crosses mine have all work together to make a better me… to make me a little bit more ME… a little bit more MARISHA.

Marisha Siburian—in gratitude to the happenings in my life and the people crosses my path of life…Terima kasih banyak ya…


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