Juni 23, 2010


Hey you… you’re so mysterious… it’s just something about you… something…something in you shivers me inside.

I gotta know you Mr. Man… I gotta know you. See sir… u’re all and all… but my middle name is I-gotta-get-what-I-want and my mom begins my name with Curiosity.

Let me ask Mr. Google who claims that he search better and quicker than a physic. Type your name on it, with bit details of your background, added details: black, muscled, sharp-eye, bla, bla, bla… GEE… it doesn’t work like what I’ve used to see in the movies… nothing came up… nothing deep came up from Mr. Google, he didn’t know your favorite movie, your favorite color, your happiest moments in life, your heartbreaking moments in life.

The only way to know you is through you. I’m shy… I’m a shy bird… but …not knowing about you is painful for me. So here I am… with my hairdo, with my red laced mini dress, and a black stiletto to walk with: standing in front of your door.
Knocking once… (my heart’s pounding)…knocking twice (I shouted in my heart: Dear Lord help me… Dear God don’t let him answer the door)… knocking at the third time (and I almost lost faith in us Dear…)… but God is good and He listens…so there you are with your deep black eyes, answering the door and greeted me with your comforting voice.

Love isn’t that complicated after all, love is a power, a power to speak to those who’s shy, a power to be courageous for those who’s fearful, a power to be strong for those who’s weak, a power to cry to those who’s reserved, a power to be a better man than he was before. Love is great… just great… thank you Mr. Man.
Marisha Siburian-IN LOVE


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