Desember 23, 2010

A Special Gift in December

I haven't updated my blog for a month because I was preparing to take one of my goal. LOL :p
But I still tried to update my Twitter and Facebook. hehehe :)
So guys, thank you for updating.

I proudly present this.....

This is one of things that I desire much recently. Well, 477 is not a really good score but the  level of questions difficulty makes me be proud for the achievement. Of course I should tell my-really-nice-updating-readers about the usage of that paper, shouldn't I?

Ok then!

I am applying to take a scholarship program from The Indonesian International Education Foundation. It actually provides many scholarship programs, but I prefer to take Indonesia English Language Study Program (IELSP). It has been one of the requirements for attaching one copy of either International TOEFL or TOEFL ITP minimum-450-score. 
I realized my ability that I was poor in experience so that I chose TOEFL ITP as my choice. Have you ever heard about that kind of TOEFL? It's an institusional testing program. This ITP score record is NOT to be used to fulfill entrance requirements to universities. It's for the administering institution only. If candidates need TOEFL scores for admission to universities and colleges, they must take the TOEFL test. A-clearly-enough-explanation, huh?

So, yeah, I took the test last Wednesday. 
The score will actually be announced next two weeks after taking the test. But this morning I got a message popped up in my phone screen which told that all of the participants must come to the head office to take his/her score report.

Happiness comes a lot to my mind all this afternoon. Hahahhaha... weird enough, no?

So the question now is:
So tell me yours. Have you ever taken TOEFL either International or ITP? How was it like when you got your score report?
Like usual, answer on the comment box. :)


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